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Judicial Agricultural Union AGRI AOSAWA

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To put the brake on aging population, lack of successors of business and increase of abandoned farmland, we will develop new possibilities and prospects of semi-mountainous agricultural business by establishing a new regional management organization.

What's New

February 21, 2017
Address, telephone number and fax number of the union has changed due to office relocation.
November 1, 2016
We will participate in "Regional Banks - Food Selection 2016" held on 8(Tue) - 9(Wed) Nov. 2016.
May 26, 2016
We will participate in "Hong Kong Food Expo 2016 Japanese pavilion" held on 11(Thu) - 13(Sat) Aug. 2016.
May 20, 2016
We opened our website.

Product Introduction

  • Tasty by cooking, still delicious even in cold


    Tsuyahime is evaluated appearance as “glossy”, “even-grained”, and flavor as “sweet”, “savory” at the taste sensory test by Japan Grain Inspection Association which is making Rice taste ranking.

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  • Keeping the highest rank special A for 22 years in a row since its release


    Haenuki is one of the best taste rice in Japan, but surprisingly it’s hardly produced in other than Yamagata Prefecture. It is said that Haenuki grown in other areas hasn’t quality as high as it grows in Yamagata Prefecture, since it’s a variety which is developed to suit climate and natural features specific to Yamagata.

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Product Information

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