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Tsuyahime (Brown rice・White rice)

Tasty by cooking, still delicious even in cold tsuyahimeTaste sensory test

Tsuyahime has been recognized as the special A by Japan Grain Inspection Association for 6 years in a row since its debut.
The root of Tsuyahime goes back to the Meiji Era. A variety of rice named “Kame-no-o (Turtle tail)” developed in Yamagata Prefecture in the Meiji Era is the origin of Tsuyahime. This "Kame-no-o" featured superb deliciousness, also was popular as a mating parent and its features has been inherited by several famous varieties such as Koshihikari and Haenuki.
People required more tasty rice, because Koshihikari having superb taste were planted in many areas drastically. Tsuyahime had been developed for over 10-years from 1988 in Yamagata. It was born by selecting from the 1/100,000 probability and the taste is extremely good said to surpass Koshihikari.
The most significant feature of Tsuyahime is “Deliciousness”.
It is evaluated appearance as “glossy” “even-grained”, and flavor as “sweet” “savory” at the taste sensory test (examining taste by eating in fact) by Japan Grain Inspection Association which is making Rice taste ranking (evaluating taste of rice).
Also, the result of the similar test by Integrated Agricultural Research Center surpassed Koshihikari.

Haenuki (Brown rice・White rice)

Keeping the highest rank special A for 22 years in a row since its release Haenuki

Haenuki was developed in Yamagata Prefecture in 1993. “Haenuki” means “be born and grown up at the same place”, so that it implies that to be born and grown up in Yamagata.
Just like the name, Haenuki is suitable for the climate and natural features of Yamagata. Haenuki produced in Yamagata has been gaining the highest rank special A for 22 years in a row since its release at the Rice taste ranking by Japan Grain Inspection Association. There is no variety of rice stipulated the special A rank consecutively except Haenuki produced in Yamagata and Koshihikari produced in Uonuma.
Haenuki is one of the best taste rice in Japan, but surprisingly it's hardly produced in other than Yamagata Prefecture. It is said that Haenuki grown in other areas hasn’t quality as high as it grows in Yamagata Prefecture, since it's a variety which is developed to suit climate and natural features specific to Yamagata.
Haenuki has features such that each grain has firm texture and delicious flavor, including moderate moisture. According to that, it doesn’t lose its grain shape by cooking and also you feel pleasant texture and sweetness when you eat it.
Haenuki is suitable for boxed lunches and rice balls, because it is less sticky so that it tastes delicious even in cold. Therefore, it is highly evaluated by restaurant and home-meal replacement industries.

※ Excerpting from PINTORU website, and Yamagata Tsuyahime Branding Strategy Promotion Headquarters ‘website.

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