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Judicial Agricultural Union AGRI AOSAWA

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Union Information

Basic Philosophy

Agriculture is the industry nurtures and supports lives

All of us who engage in agriculture must face this industry seriously and have skills to derive a definite answer. We propose “food is the source of life” and transmit that contents (ability) of agriculture (food) make health and sound society. We recognize that providing consistently consumers’ safety, satisfaction, and health is our most important purpose, working on cultivation of products which have rich nourishment, good taste, and high ability. We will develop efficient distribution system and stabilize management, aiming “agriculture which contributes to economical good food culture” and having international competitiveness, even if we face difficulty.
Being particular about soil, we will make our best effort to cultivate our products with affection and appreciation, programming from production and distribution to consumption, together with our team.

Union Overview

Legal name Judicial Agricultural Union AGRI AOSAWA
Office address 14-2 Kita-aosawa-ienomae, Sakata, Yamagata 999-8211 Japan
EstablishmentJanuary, 2016
Capitalization5 million yen
Representative Director Saito, Shinichi
Director 8 members(Sales department:2 members, General affairs department:2 members, Production department:2 members, Equipment administration department:2 members)
Auditor 2 members
Business description Paddy rice 27ha(45ha), Japanese leeks 3ha(planned), Mushroom bed cultivated Shiitake 10 thousand beds(planned)
Production and sales of canned and retorted rice porridge
Production and sales of rice, Japanese leeks and Shiitake

Union Information

Product Information

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